The summer after fourth grade, I went with my mom while she taught summer school to second graders who were retained. One of her students – a little boy named Gerald – came to sit and talk to me. Gerald was a disruption to the class, except when he was with me. I helped him with his assignments, and he told me of the snake he killed in his grandpa’s pool the day before. Honestly, Gerald scared me a bit; but I became determined to be there for him. I saw Gerald for who he was – a little boy who just wanted to know someone cared enough to sit and listen to him.

I don’t know if Gerald made it through elementary, middle or high school without repeatedly going to alternative school, juvenile detention or eventually the penitentiary. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m simply highlighting the truth that by the time he was seven, Gerald was labeled as troubled, discipline problem, not on grade level. What if Gerald had the chance to tell his own story?

At A Little More Truth, we believe that like Gerald everyone has a story to tell. Our emphasis is on the personalized cultivation of excellence in written communication. We listen, we teach, and ultimately, we empower you to use your voice and tell your story!

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