ALMT's Founder & President, April Sojourner Truth Walker has always loved a good story. Even before she could write, she dictated her first short story to her mother to be entered in the local library's story competition.

April brings this love for narrative and belief in the power of personal narrative into each coaching session. April's passion for writing is paired with practical experience. Whether it was through creating and implementing career development workshops to hone writing skills for her Project Management employees at AT&T, developing and leading admissions essay and college prep workshops for local church groups, or working as a reading and writing mentor for second graders who needed a confidence boost and a listening ear to set the writer in them free, April's always found a way to cultivate story tellers.

Now, after seven years in Corporate America and six years in higher education, April is channeling her creative energy and expertise into coaching individuals who know they have a voice but need a champion to help them develop the skills to write it.

If you're in need of a tailored and creative learning experience for your child, guidance on how to create a resume that's a portrait of you, or someone who believes you are the best fit for that school or professional program, ALMT wants to welcome you to our community!

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